Wednesday Poetry Prompt: As change happens


At the apex of the world

I am lifted up, up, up off my seat – set free

As if all gravity had let loose my bounds

Released me to the sky

That I might fly and float away.

On the threshold of all newness,

I am brought round, reminded

That all things connected

Hinge on a balance.

And back to the ground

I am drawn down and rooted

Again, in all truth –

To look back up at the sky.

-Krina Ulmer -June 10th

Losing the battle

She cries doggedly,
Determined to fight
The sleep she quakes for.
Upon my chest, her
Breath, a stuttering
Low lament – waning
Now against my neck.

Weighty, her eyes stamp
Out, the beat of her
Displeasure slowing.
Eyes stretched up open,
Fall heavy closed,
Counting down until
Ah – sweet sleep’s release.

-Krina Ulmer -June 13th


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