Wednesday Poetry Prompt: Colour plus animal poem

The rule was to take the colour of the shirt I was wearing and combine it with the last animal I had seen and write a poem about them. I took a more abstract approach to the subject …
  Cyan Cat


Creature to creature –

I know not which way

Your tail is twitching,

In my favour or your own. 


Not pet, not kept

But here – despite.

We – two – chose to live

Side by side.

Uncommon, common company.


We rub each other,

Sometimes the wrong way.

Lacking a language

Between our needs.


Seeking together a space

Where we – two – can fill

that common, unspoken

Creature shaped

Place in between.
Another attempt:
Sea blue cat

Languid like fluid

She pours herself out

Along the covers

Pooling into a puddle

Of sunshine

Evaporating into the liquid light.
– Krina Ulmer


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