Poetry Month: Writer’s Digest PAD challenge, Day 29: A “what nobody knows” poem

Talking to myself

No one knows
The conversations
I hold in my head —
Neither the long winded tv special
Inspirational talks,
stumbling, bumbling acceptance speeches,
the overly emotional openhearted epistles,
Lovely epitaphs, stirring eulogies.
Or the heart shares between
Mother and child, 1 through 4.

Neither the reverently played out
Re-enactments between
Father and daughter –
their impossible unfinished conversations
all unanswered questions
– begging a reply.
Or even the conclusions to
Awkward confrontations.
Between ghosts.

No – no one knows the words
Which are poured out over
This my restless, wounded,
Searching heart –
Or wound up in my still hope
Bound mind.

-Krina Ulmer


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