Poetry Month: Writer’s Digest PAD challenge, Days 22-25

I was away at a conference over the last few days – but am catching up the best I can.  I am finding it surprising that the month is almost at an end and I don’t quite know what that means next but for now I will concentrate on this final week and let the rest come as it may.

April 22: (Earth Day) A nature poem

Knowing home

Hollowed out
By the artificial lights
Of life.
I step out of this indoor skin,
Slip off the artifice,
Slide into shoes and jacket.
Empty my pockets
Of key and coin.
My feet hit the road
Seeking to fall into a deeper rhythm.

The creature of me
Searching a solace
Lost –
but found –
In the air,
a green in-breath
and mossy exhale of morning,
In the rumbles of water
Humming loudly over rocks, splashing
And in the long tipped wing of
A heron in flight.

-Krina Ulmer

April 23 – A historic poem


Born a twin,
A unique way to begin.
Born into society,
Ruled by the propriety.
Met the piano player,
loved his flare.
Left her family,
Married him happily.
Threatened by war,
They took him away for labour.
So she sewed up patches,
To smuggle him matches.
Nursed her baby,
To hide the friends, maybe.
After, she left her whole country,
To live with him most humbly.
Soon her five children grown,
Threads of her life all sown.
She tended his humours,
Despite the growing tumours.
Died without saying,
Music of her life still playing.

-Krina Ulmer

April 24th – A “moment” poem

Just a moment

Just give me
One more
To curl you
Up onto my lap
Press your sleepy
Head back into
My shoulder –
Let me rest my chin
Upon it and feel your
Deep calmness lift and
Carry me back –
through the flown past.
Let me breath
Your sweet scent
Into the deep pocket of memory.

Then give me
Just one more
Moment –
before you up and fly too.

-Krina Ulmer

April 25 – an “across the sea” poem

Across the sea

There is a little house
On a shore
Across the sea
Many miles away from me.

There is a picture
On the wall
Above the table
Tucked up high, just under the gable.

There is a little girl
On a wall
Attached to her mother
Lined up just behind her brother.

There is a look
On her face
Attractive to see
Resembles someone a little like me.

-Krina Ulmer


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