Poetry Month: Writer’s Digest PAD challenge, Days 19 and 20

April 19th – an Authority Poem


Who me?
I think you must be mistaken,
I have no experience,
Am not qualified,
Accredited, or accustom.
I have no proven record,
No past experience
No mentor or role model,
So you best keep lookin’
It isn’t possible that
I could be … an authority.
you want to take her –
No way, she’s my

-Krina Ulmer

April 20th:  My (blank), the (blank) poem

My Father, the voice

Standing poised on the
Edge of everything.
I strain against safety,
I cup my hands up
To my ears,
Reciting the same
Silent prayers,
“please, please, please.”
Threading my toes into
The earth
I grip at it just to
Stay still, here
Longing to hear,
My Father’s voice.

-Krina Ulmer


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