Poetry Month: Writer’s Digest PAD challenge, Days 15 & 16

April 15th:  an adjective poem


If I had their eyes
I might see and try to spy
That quirky twinkle in her eye

If I had their mind
I could learn and understand
How it feels to hold her hand

If I had their heart
Well … that would be key,
To what they know and what they see,
In Me.

-Krina Ulmer

April 16th: a science poem


I study rocks.
Their grey-brown upturned faces,
Turn’m round, look beneath them.

Feel their weight pull down my hand
Toward the earth, their motherland.
“From what hotbed of life came thee,
What wisdom do you have for me?”

-Undivulging of their advice –
I turn them round
Then return them, to the ground.
I move then, on to the next
Hoping it isn’t like the rest.

-Krina Ulmer


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