Poetry Month: Writer’s Digest PAD challenge, Day 14: an honest and/or dishonest poem

August 14th:  an honest and/or dishonest poem


I keep watch her eyes
While talking.
Can’t stop my head and neck from cocking.
She talks of choices,
Intentions made.
I slow my gaze
And count the ways.
I wander back to what she said,
can’t find the reference in my head.
Her eyes held upright
All full of truth,
Listening, I search for proof.
These days she says
She laid it bare
She gave her all
And left it there.
Forgetful then, she must be
‘cause I was there enough to see.
These threads of gold and silver then
Tarnish with the question, “when?”
But I keep watching,
I hush my head,
Be still,
I want this truth instead.

-Krina Ulmer


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