Step 14: taking up a challenge

dc06ffcce360f8076ab4757eab5e08f9What have I been doing – well I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon. I am still sticking my toe into the waters but perhaps not as regularly as hoped (there is really no surprise here because habits and the building of them go through these natural cycles, it is the keeping on which determines the change, right?)

Anyway, I haven’t written every day. I have been writing more often, reading more poetry (always a balm), and sketching ideas into my handy dandy notebook when an idea wanders by that needs sketching. All in all, I count this as progress. Many, many steps lie ahead – and I don’t mind being the tortoise especially considering that the time I have is still full to bursting with the needs and expectations of others. So I am moving along albeit glacially.

But I could do better. … So, I have an idea to help me build writing into my routine.

A thing I truly, dearly love is poetry and thus every spring I feel an up-swelling of giddiness (really, in the inner most parts of my soul — joyous, warm, and velvety giddiness) about Poetry Month (otherwise referred to as April). And I find myself dropping out of the everydayness of my life and picking up books, scanning through archives, and plucking out new poems.

So this year I have decided to take part in a poetry challenge. Every day of April there will be a “topic,” every day I will write something and post it here and on the challenge site, and every day the poems are judged by published poets and writers. The best of the bunch will be anthologized. It isn’t a big hoopla deal, but it is a great exercise in both writing daily and putting things out where “knowledgeable” people will read them. It feels vulnerable and I admit, I am scared-ish.

The Challenge: Writer’s Digest: 2015 April PAD Challenge, on Poetry Asides Blog

In the meantime, I will continue to do what I am doing.


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