step nine: a ponder and a poem

Currently reading: The Making of a Story” by Alice LaPlante

Progress in Book: page 70

Writing exercises done:   3

Other Writing:  a little more, my brain is very gradually allowing itself to wander

I am still trying to work out how I will share this little journey I am embarking on — which is really just a continuation of living but hopefully with some greater sense of intention. I don’t necessarily want to blog everyday – because my blog writing is a different creature from my “just writing” writing.  And then there are sometimes poems.

I keep naming everything as steps … for some reason this reassures me that I am moving in a direction.  It takes 10,000 steps, I am pretty sure Malcolm Gladwell said hours but the 10, 000 steps thing is stuck in my head. I am sure it comes from something — something I am too lazy and disinclined to look up.  Regardless, I am just going to try to focus on those steps and see where I end up.  In the meantime,  I may add a little bit of “other” writing here, and I may share it before I am even confident it is a “polished” piece of writing but the act of sharing it seems important.  I will not be sharing everything I write here – just little things mostly.  Tidbits – as well as my thoughts on the actual process and how I am managing, with updates on what literal steps I am taking and/or plan to take in the future.

On that note — a little tidbit of a poem


photo: Andy Wright

Climbing over long dead and fallen

giant Cedars, crumbling into a thousand little squares




Our being there, an absolute zero sum

Adding nothing nor taking anything

Away, we a speck afloat in the light

glimmering, through the ancient branches

enveloping our selves, a proof

Putting us squarely in our place

Amongst all of creation


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